Water benchmarking




Other utilities

  • Mohammad A. Mustafa. Benchmarking Regulators: Making Telecom Regulators More Effective in the Middle East. Public Policy for the Private Sector. Note Number 247. World Bank, Washington, DC. June 2002.



Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Kristof De Witte, Rui C. Marques, Designing incentives in local publicutilities, an international comparison of the drinking water sector(See attached file: International comparison water 17-01.pdf)
  • Shandong Province IBNET Urban Water Assessment(See attached file: Final Shangdong IBNET Report 230407.2.pdf)
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Website based Tools and Manuals
  • The Gateway to Development Information (eldis), Methods, Tools and Manuals. This site contains range of guidelines and manuals to help development practitioners in carrying out participatory M&E.
  • The M and E News – the M and E News is a news service focusing on developments in monitoring and evaluation methods relevant to development projects with social development objectives.
  • USAID, Center for Development Information and Evaluation – USAID’s Center for Development Information and Evaluation (CDIE) publishes a wide range of impact evaluations, program and operational assessments, managing for results reports, performance monitoring tips and the USAID Evaluation News.
  • World Bank, Impact Evaluation – This site aims at disseminating information and providing resources for people and organizations working to assess and improve the effectiveness of projects and programs aimed at reducing poverty.

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