1 : Organize a Benchmarking Team

Establish a professional team with professionals of a variety of technical and engineering skills so the Team has a comprehensive understanding of the water utility’s processes and operations

2: Identify Study Objectives

Put key questions that are framing the issues and identify data needs;

3: Select Benchmarking Methodology

Approve the methodology. Analysts must be aware of the strengths and limitations of techniques for analyzing cost and production functions;

4: Collect Data

Select the appropriate comparison group of companies or standard (depending on the benchmarking method selected);

5: Apply Data Verification Procedures

Analyze techniques for verifying and comparing data need to be applied;

6: Perform Data Analyses

Apply the methodologies appropriate for answering key questions on utility performance;

7: Conduct Sensitivity Tests

Ensure credibility: comprehensive testing for model specification, alternative inputs and outputs, and alternative methodologies;

8: Present Results of Benchmarking Study and Develop a Strategy to Improve Performance

Set up a strategy to actually implement the recommendations of the benchmarking analysis.

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