IBNET Indicators

The IBNET Toolkit provides a set of financial, technical and process indicators (mainly capturing the institutional context in which the utilities are operating) for the assessment of utility performance in the provision of water and sewerage services. This set of indicators provides the basis for the cross-utility and cross-country comparisons.

IBNET caters for a large number of indicators which are all useful in order to understand the performance of the utility.  When starting a benchmark program in the utility, managers may decide to use a subset of indicators defined as the “Start Up Kit” with the utility slowly moving to a more enhanced performance benchmarking system.  In the text, the subset of indicators that preferably as a minimum should be included in a performance benchmarking system has been marked with the following symbol *.

IBNET indicators are set according to the following categories:

Service coverage Quality of service
Water consumption and production Billing and collections
Non revenue water Financial performance
Metering practices Assets
Pipe network performance Affordability of services
– Cost and staffing Process Indicators

Users can download the IBNET indicator list and the full text on IBNET indicators.

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