27.1 Gross Fixed Assets – water & wastewater Total gross fixed W&WW assets per W&WW populations served. US$/W&WWpop served
27.2 Gross Fixed Assets – water Total gross fixed assets per population served, separately for water (W) and wastewater (WW). US$/W pop served
27.3 Gross Fixed Assets – wastewater US$/WW pop served


The capital intensity of the utility is indicated by the gross fixed asset value per capita served. Unfortunately there is often limited information available about asset values and until more emphasis is placed on this item the values derived must be treated with caution.

No investment indicators are included as they tend to differ widely from one year to another due to the lumpiness of the investments. At a more detailed level, comparisons of unit costs for particular items of equipment can be very useful; but this is beyond the scope of IBNET.

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