Consumption Production

3.1 Water Production Total annual water supplied to the distribution system (including purchased water, if any) expressed by
• population served per day and
• connection per month.
liters/person/ day
3.2 Water Production m3/conn /month
4.1 Total Water Consumption Total annual water sold expressed by population served by
• Population served per day
• connection per month
liters/person/ day
4.1 Total Water Consumption m3/conn /month
Water consumption split by customer type:
4.3 Residential Consumption Shows the split of total water consumption into four customer type categories %
4.4 Industrial / commercial Consumption
4.5 Consumption by Institutions & others
4.6 Bulk treated supply
Residential consumption:
4.7 Residential Consumption Shows the average water consumption per person per day by customer category liters/person/day
4.8 Residential Consumption – connections to mains supply
4.9 Residential consumption – public water points
* Required Indicator


The preferred water consumption indicator is expressed in terms of litres/person/day. However there are data issues with the use of this indicator, namely

  • lack of accurate total consumption data (especially when metering is not universal)
  • lack of up-to-date census data, or other relevant surveydata, to determine (i) household size; (ii) sharing of connections between households; and (iii) number of households using public water points

Inter utility comparisons will be more difficult, however, given the different mix of household sizes and dwellings served by one connection. This is especially the case between utilities in different countries, but it is not necessarily the case that household size, and dwellings per connection, or use of public water points are more similar within a country.

The accuracy of service populations may need improvement, but will not be directly available from utilities unless the utilities undertake analysis to understand their consumer profiles.

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