IBNET provides a means and a set of tools for water and sanitation utilities to develop national or regional groupings for the purpose of undertaking regular benchmarking activities. IBNET provides the opportunity for these local benchmarking initiatives to undertake international comparisons by making available easy to use search and query features.

Benchmarking helps water and sanitation utilities to find comparators for identifying and sharing best practice, new knowledge and in ensuring that nothing is missed in the important job of delivering water and sanitation services to their customers. IBNET has an important role to play as a facilitator for the sharing of best practice between water and sanitation utilities across the world and for providing the information for all those working in the sector, be they funding agencies, consultants, academics and most importantly the water and sanitation utility managers.

IBNET doesn’t just collect and display performance results. It offers features and facilities that provide an international resource for benchmarking in the water and sanitation sector.

In addition to the core feature of the performance results from many of the world’s water and sanitation utilities, IBNET provides;

  • Information about indicators and data definitions;
  • Benchmarking Resources – how to do benchmarking, experiences of others and information on best practice;
  • Contact addresses with others involved in the process of benchmarking;
  • Links to other relevant sites.

Nevertheless the collation and comparison of the cost and performance information between utilities and between countries is the key component of IBNET. The value of IBNET increases with each new partner that provides performance information and becomes a participant of IBNET.

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